What We Offer to Sellers

Buying Selling

Increase Sales

… and we’ll prove it!

  • 15% More Sales
    15% More Sales

    Let us help you grow your business and increase sales by an average of 15%.

  • More Bartering
    More Bartering

    Used correctly, more bartering ultimately results in more cash.

  • Target Local Buyers
    Target Local Buyers

    Engage in business with thousands of active local members across the US and Canada.

Promote Your Business

A smart avenue for marketing and growing your business!

  • New Clients
    New Clients

    Grow your business with a new client base and build customer loyalty.

  • Your Member Profile
    Your Member Profile

    Include your company description and website.

  • Positive Growth
    Positive Growth

    Experience the benefits of dealing directly with other local businesses and target your items to the right type of client.

Barter and Accept Offers

Respond to offers and list items on the trade floor!

  • Integrated Messaging
    Integrated Messaging

    Use the built-in messaging system to directly communicate with buyers.

  • List Your Items
    List Your Items

    Special promotional items and services on the trade floor will provide a detailed description for buyers.

  • Smarter Trading
    Smarter Trading

    Keep track of offers and bartering, organize your promoted items, and review similar items to compare fair market values.