Why Choose Seattle Barter Exchange?

In competing with other local barter exchange companies we save you money on the initial sign-up fees, monthly fees, and especially on the transaction fees.

Selling Features

A smart avenue for marketing and growing your business!

  • New Clients
    New Clients

    Grow your business with a new client base and build customer loyalty.

  • List Your Items
    List Your Items

    Special promotional items and services on the trade floor will provide a detailed description for buyers.

  • Smarter Trading
    Smarter Trading

    Keep track of offers and bartering, organize your promoted items, and review similar items to compare fair market values.

  • More Bartering
    More Bartering

    Used correctly, more bartering ultimately results in more cash.

  • Target Local Buyers
    Target Local Buyers

    Engage in business with thousands of active local members across the US and Canada.

Features for Buyers

There are many tools to browse and barter securely!

How Do We Stack Up to the Competition?

Here are just a few of the advantages you would have by choosing Seattle Barter Exchange.

  • Seattle Barter Exchange charges a one time sign up fee of $199 as opposed to the $299 – $795 fee that our competitors currently charge.
  • Seattle Barter Exchange charges a per transaction fee of 1.5% cash and 1.5% barter! Our local competitor’s charge 6% – 7 1/2% which you must pay them in CASH. This alone can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.
  • Seattle Barter Exchange charges an admin fee of $15 per month. Our competitors charge $30 per month. (Some allow you to pay up to half of this fee in barter)