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Seattle Barter Exchange Members

Seattle Barter Exchange is a  group of local buyers ready to buy from you at full retail price – We are not a discount group! Our Customer Service Agents will personally direct new customers right to your door, while our dedicated sales staff are ready to track down any purchases you need to make.  

Our system is successful because we have put together a membership of business owners that buy products and services from each other. This creates a built in loyalty unlike any other. From advertising to massage therapy, from dental work to telephone service, or even fresh cut flowers, our ever growing network provides you the products and services you need, while at the same time bringing you the new customers that help sustain your business.

We hope you will find Seattle Barter Exchange to be an essential part of your businesses marketing strategy. If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

What we offer

  • New Customers
    New Customers

    Our Customer Service Agents will bring new customers to your door.

  • Locate Products and Services You Need
    Locate Products and Services You Need

    A phone call or email is all it takes, our Customer Service Agents will find what you are looking for.

  • Receive Full Retail
    Receive Full Retail

    We are not a discount group. Our members are happy to pay full retail for their purchases.

  • Outcome Based Pricing
    Outcome Based Pricing

    Our commission based system means you only pay when we are successful. We become your commissioned sales force at a fraction of the price!

Lets grow your business together!

Let us help you grow your business and increase sales by an average of 15%. Add new possibilities for growth with options that reduce cash requirements.

We want to help you increase your sales and encourage you to contact us today!

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